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Radishes Ride the Rails

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“Sleepy” radishes on the move from Florida to Ohio get wide-awake service from Southern Railway. They have to, in order to reach grocers’ produce bins still bright red, crisp and plump. And to make it possible, the radishes “take a nap” en route in an inert nitrogen atmosphere inside refrigerated trailers.

George Weasel, who […]

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Manage Weeds and Balance Soils in Organic Tomatoes through Latest Focus on Tomato Webcast

Weed control for tomatoes can be a major problem for many organic vegetable farmers. It can involve different kinds of mulches, flaming, or organic herbicides. What’s more, organic weed control can have an effect on the quality of soils.

The latest Focus on Tomato webcast, titled “Weed Control Considerations for Organic Tomato Production” explores the links […]

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Bon Appetit Program

For several years the Center for Innovative Food Technology (CIFT) has partnered with Bon Appetit Management Company in delivering fresh produce to consumers in the off-season.  Companies continue to explore methods in which to provide quality food products, support local growers, and enhance operations.  By combining resources, CIFT and Bon Appetit have been able to […]

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