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Health Benefits of Delicate Squash

Delicata Squash (Cucurbita pepo var. pepo), also called sweet potato squash, peanut squash or Bohemian squash, is a winter squash of the heirloom variety to be very recently introduced in the world of cooking. Unlike other winter squashes, it can be sliced or chopped easily without needing to be baked or roasted for softening the skin.


Shape: It has a long narrow shape.

Texture: This winter squash is popular for its soft, fine, creamy texture.

Size: It is 5 to 10 inches long, weighing around 1 to 2 pounds.

Color: The yellow or cream skin has dark green longitudinal stripes, while the flesh is orangish or yellow in color.

Smell: This soft textured fruit has a sweet smell.

Taste: Its sweet taste resembles that of corn or sweet potato.

Health benefits

Rich in vitamins: Delicata squash meets ¾ of the daily Vitamin A requirement, thereby helping in improving eyesight and aiding in mucous membrane formation as well as regeneration of skin and tissue cells. Small amounts of Vitamin B present in this squash makes it beneficial in the process of metabolism, improving appetite, ensuring the functioning of the nerve as well as synthesizing antibodies. It also has a rich Vitamin C content of about 15% per ¾ cup serving, thus helping in maintaining healthy skin and improving immune system.

High in Calcium: Being rich in calcium it helps in strengthening the bones and teeth, while providing energy.

Good source of Iron: Consumption of Delicata squash meets 2% of the recommended intake of iron, thus facilitating in supplying oxygen to the body and maintaining hemoglobin.

Rich in complex carbohydrates: Due to the rich carbohydrate content, they help in maintaining blood sugar levels, also ensuring proper digestion.

Cancer prevention: Being high in carotenoids, Delicata squash has anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant compounds that make it a probable option for preventing cancer. However further studies are going on to gather more evidence.

Helps in weight loss: As it is completely fat and glutten free, this variety of squash, when consumed with a protein source or other vegetables, helps in maintaining a balanced, nutritious diet, thus aiding in shedding the extra calories.

Rich in dietary fiber: The insoluble fibers in the strings and seeds smoothen the digestion process, thus aiding in proper discharge of waste products from the body and in turn reducing constipation. Consumption of this winter squash can be beneficial for people suffering from hemorrhoids and diverticulitis (intestinal disorder). The soluble fibers present in the flesh helps in controlling cholesterol level, thereby reducing the risk of cardiac diseases.

Consumption during pregnancy

Delicata squash is usually considered a good food source for pregnant women because of its rich folate content. However overconsumption should be avoided.

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